Up In The Air

I loved it. Probably because the guy doesn't get the girl in the end. Plus it makes you think about what you want out of life and how to get it.


The Big Lebowski

Oh my God, this movie is hilarious. Albert and I watch it and pretty much laugh the whole time. It is definitely a movie you want to own, it gets better every time you watch it.

Jeff Bridges is SO good in this, he will always be THE DUDE.

Here is the plot from IMDB website:

When "The Dude" Lebowski is mistaken for a millionaire Lebowski, two thugs urinate on his rug to coerce him into paying a debt he knows nothing about. While attempting to gain recompense for the ruined rug from his wealthy counterpart, he accepts a one-time job with high pay-off. He enlists the help of his bowling buddy, Walter, a gun-toting Jewish-convert with anger issues. Deception leads to more trouble, and it soon seems that everyone from porn empire tycoons to nihilists want something from The Dude. Written by J. Lake

Jeffrey "The Dude" Lebowski is the ultimate LA slacker, until one day his house is broken into and his rug is peed on by two angry gangsters who have mistaken him for Jeffrey Lebowski, the LA millionaire, whose wife owes some bad people some big money. The Dude becomes entangled in the plot when he goes to visit the real Lebowski in order to get some retribution for his soiled rug, and is recruited to be the liason between Lebowski and the captors of his now "kidnapped" wife. Written by Alex Barron

Dude Lebowski is met by two mobsters wanting repayment of a loan that he knows nothing about. This simple case of mistaken identity entangles him into a complex kidnaping plot. Written by Mike Arndt

The Dude and his bowling buddies (Walter and Donny) find themselves doing Philip Marlowe's Job in this complicated story that owes a lot to The Big Sleep. Written by Peter Macfarlane


Whip It

Meh. It's your typical Nerdy-Girl-Turns-Popular-Girl movie, but on roller skates.



I can't believe I almost didn't watch this movie. I thought it was going to be another one of those "teacher helps kid in rough neighborhood" type of things but boy was I wrong.

This movie was disturbing, powerful, painful, sad and inspiring all at the same time. If there were ever a movie that could affect you and reach right to your soul, this one is it.

Yes, it's sometimes hard to watch because what happens is just so unbelievable but it is worth it. Warning, the mother in the film doesn't shave her armpits or legs, very gross!

This is also a show that my mother would never ever watch. It's got the F word right and left but I believe it needs to be that way, it shows how harsh some characters are. And Mo'Nique's Best Supporting Actress Award is WELL deserved. She is incredible, especially in her last scene.

I think everyone needs to see this movie, well everyone that can handle it.

Warning: You will cry.



Plot: Astronaut Sam Bell has been assigned a 3 year stint on the Moon all by himself. The only companionship he has is a computer, GERTY. The movie opens at the end of his 3rd year just 2 weeks before he gets to go home to his wife and daughter.

He is constantly struggling to keep himself sane and knows he is beginning to hallucinate. He is so close to going home but has a small accident where he is knocked unconscious and when he awakes, he finds that some things have changed. Is this part of his hallucinations or is it real?

Will he be able to leave and get back to his wife and daughter?

This is a movie that you really have to watch with no distractions or else you will get confused, as I did! It is not an entertaining, action packed movie, it's another slow moving "thinker" movie. But I still enjoyed it!


A Serious Man


"A black comedy drama centered on Larry Gopnik, a Midwestern professor who watches his life unravel through multiple sudden incidents. Though seeking for meaning and answers he seems to stay stalled." Full synopsis

I liked this movie. It was dark, funny, and a little disturbing and I really liked it. Of course I always love dark depressing movies but this one was different. I loved the characters and how the ending left you knowing but not knowing what is going to happen.

It's definitely not a movie for everyone.

It's a thinker, not an entertainer. If you want to feel better about your life, this movie's for you!


Where The Wild Things Are

I loved it!


Cold Souls

This movie has a very strange plot. It's about an actor who hires a company to extract his soul from his body because he believes it will help his acting skills. He is having trouble disconnecting his real life from the character that he is playing in a theatre performance.

I'm dead serious. The company extracts his soul and stores it for him so that he can have it put back in when he feels he needs it. After a while, he realizes that he needs his soul, (duh) but problems arise when he finds out it is missing and they may not be able to find it.

Little does he know that a Russian actress took his soul to use as her own in order to help better her acting skills.

So essentially the movie is about a man searching for his soul.


Alice In Wonderland

I really liked it. I thought the plot was a little lacking, especially the ending, but I can look past that and just enjoy the characters.

I loved the Red Queen. She was hilarious! She was definitely my favorite character, yes I loved her more then Johnny Dep. Gasp!

I want to go see it again in 3D!


The Invention of Lying

Seriously funny! Even the hubs liked it!


Shutter Island

I'm not quite sure what to say about this movie other than it was not what I expected. I was expecting a scary movie but it didn't turn out that way. I think I liked it? There is a great twist which is always a good thing.

Yes, yes I think I liked it.

There ya go. Just go see it. (Prepare yourself for some corny dream sequences.)