Zack and Miri Make a Porno

Says it all in the name doesn't it?

But it was pretty funny. I love Seth, he is hilarious. Plus it's kinda a cute story in the end!



You're gonna wanna pay attention in this one. Of course I was running around doing dishes and laundary while I watched it so I had to rewind it and watch it twice.

It's one of those twisty movies ya know? Not sure if I like the twist at the end though. What do you think?


Terminator Salvation

I wasn't expecting too much going into this show but I was surprised I really liked it. The plot wasn't really clear but that's not why you go see terminator right? You go for the action, and there was plenty of it!

I don't remember ever seeing any of the old Terminator movies so now I kinda wanna go back and watch them all to see if it helps this last one make sense!


So You Think You Can Dance

Yeah baby! It's back! I hope it's as good as last season!


Parks and Recreation

Yes this show is definately funny, but I can't help but notice it's just a knock off of the office. I still watch it though, hoping I'll get sucked into it like I did with the Office and 30 Rock.

I still like The Office and 30 Rock better.


Gran Torino

So I didn't see the whole thing, I fell asleep 20 minutes into the movie so you'll have to ask my husband if it was good.


I love music videos!


The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button

This was my Sunday "Movie Mocha Morning" and I loved it. And not just because there is ballet throughout the whole show, the acting is great! (The dancing is even better)

This kind of show has got to be hard to pull of, but they did it. It's one of those story telling shows with a little surprising twist at the end.

It is darling.


Lakeview Terrace

Come on Samuel. First Snakes on a Plane and now this?


Bride Wars

If you like chick flicks, this ones for you.

I hate chick flicks, but I love planning weddings so I had to see it.