You know, this is one of those movies that had a great idea but in the end, they could have done so much more with it. I do like the concept of where the movie was going but it just fizzled out for me. I was disappointed. I don't think it was a really bad show, but I expected more.


Big Love Season 3 on DVD

Who wouldn't love a show about polygamy? I especially love it because it is filmed in my state, who knows, maybe I'll be in the background one of these days. Or an extra! I could be one of the wives at the camp. I'd french braid my hair with a bump-it and everything!

This season especially has so many Mormon references. It's interesting to watch and see how many they actually get right. Hey, I think I just came up with an awesome drinking game there!

Yep, the angel Moroni is on top of the Salt Lake Temple! Take your shot!


Valentine's Day

Oh man this movie sucked. It was just cheesy people. I expected greatness from putting so many great actors together in the same film!

But it wasn't greatness.

I blame the screen writer. I mean COME ON!

Anyway, the best thing about the movie? Taylor Swift. She was pretty funny.

(No, I'm not even going to mention the other Taylor until he turns 18 thankyouvery much.)


Ghost World

I saw this movie on the "Movies You Must See Before You Die" list. I forget what website.

It was made in 2001 and I did enjoy it. It's one of those movies with an underlying theme that you realize at the end of the show (Similar to The Graduate). It seems at first a bunch of meaningless scenes about two girls who graduated from high school and how they fight boredom while deciding what to do with their lives.

They are both very sarcastic with a dark sense of humor and enjoy playing jokes on innocent people. One person being an older man who they eventually become friends with and who changes the life for one of the girls.

It's one of those tortured teen movies where they wallow in their sad depressive state, but we can all relate to that right?

Just watch it.


Couples Retreat

Some funny parts.


Hump Day

A low budget film made for the Sundance Festival. I heard it was really funny from a film student at the U so I thought I'd check it out.

It definitely has some funny parts, but not funny "ha ha" more funny "Oh my god did that really just happen?" funny.

It's about a couple who is visited by the husband's old roommate who is pretty wacky. They let him stay over for a few days and craziness ensues. The friend and the husband end up at a party where they get drunk and high and somehow promise that they will make a porno for a film festival that's happening over the weekend.

A gay porno.

With just the two of them.


So the plot goes on, will they end up actually going through with it just so they can prove to each other that they don't back down from a challenge? What will his wife say?

I thought the movie was just so-so, it definitely would have been better watching it with a group of people to laugh with, but you can judge for yourself.


500 Days of Summer

It was really cute, I was expecting a chick flick but was pleasantly surprised.


All About Steve

I want Sandra Bullock's legs.

That's about all I got out of this movie.


This Is It

I wish I could have seen this on the big screen but I missed it. Watching this just makes you sad to see how hard everyone was working to get this show going only to end by tragedy.

Michael Jackson just looked sick. Skinny and sick. He's still got moves but he never really did anything full out in order to save his strength. The director was constantly worried about him getting hurt.

It is just amazing to me to see all the dancers and people working behind the scenes of the show! MJ was definitely a perfectionist and that show was going to be AMAZING!



I finally saw Avitar! We saw the late late show in 3D over the weekend and I thought it was pretty good. I just say "pretty" good because I thought the plot was very predictable, I mean anyone heard of "Dancing With Wolves"? Basically the same plot.

But of course the special affects are amazing! Everyone should go see it just for the special affects. But please, do not try to kill yourself afterward!

It is NOT real.

I repeat, it is NOT real.