My Sister's Keeper

The story is about a family who's daughter is diagnosed with cancer at an early age so the family decides to make a test tube baby who will be a perfect match for their sick child in order to use parts of her anatomy to save the sick child's life.

Yeah, I know.

How would it feel to just exist solely to be used for your "parts"? To know that you weren't really wanted in the first place. I like how the younger sister narrates the film and poses the question, "What if my sister never was sick? Would I even exist?"

It's definitely a film that makes you think. And, as you can imagine, it is a tear jerker!



Ugh, this movie was just dumb.

I actually didn't mind Borat, I thought it had some pretty funny parts so I had expected Bruno to be similar.

It wasn't. It was more disgusting then funny.

Don't waste your time people.


Four Christmases

Honestly I thought this movie was another chick flick with sappy life lessons learned and all that crap that. Well, it still had life lessons but learning those lessons was done in a hilarious way. It was surprisingly funny, even the hubster enjoyed it.

Maybe it's because I was expecting the worst and I was pleasantly surprised, or it could be because of the people I was watching it with, but I thought it was pretty entertaining.


Criminal Minds


Year One

I was expecting more funny but most of the funny was revealed in the promos. I did enjoy the biblical references, and all the guest appearances from other funny guys. Like McLovin!


Angels and Demons

To the directors,

I read the book so of course I had to watch the movie and yes, you totally screwed with the plot. Can't someone just stick to the book when they make it into a movie? Seriously, I know you have to shorten it a ton, but actually changing the plot is not acceptable.

You're fired.



Special affects were great, but the storyline was lacking.