Dude. I finally saw Eclipse and managed to get through it without throwing myself at Jacob every time he appeared on screen.

Thanks DeAnna for going with me even though you've already seen it. Of course I don't think you minded too much. And tell your husband to stop being jealous of "dracula and scary doggies". Oh, and tell him they are vampires and wolves. Idiot.

(Love you Josh)

(And Jacob)


Have You Heard About The Morgans?

I'm not a chick flic kind of girl but this one was pretty funny.



Saw this one last weekend. At first I was a little iffy about it because it was a little confusing in the beginning but man, once the show actually got going it was amazing! A great action flick!

Despicable Me

I saw this with an old friend from my college days, no we didn't have any little kids with us, actually we saw it at 10:30 pm on a Thursday night because it was the only movie that hadn't started yet.

We weren't sure what to expect, being a kid's show and all, but we loved it. It was hilarious!!


The Crazies

This will definitely get your pulse going! It's about a small town where people start getting "sick" and basically go crazy and start killing everyone.

Fascinating right?

It's actually not bad for a horror/scary movie. Seriously, if you like scary movies, check this one out!


Toy Story 3

So fricken cute. I saw it with my mom, Lindee & Logan. Mom cried.

I stayed strong.


So You Think You Can Dance Season 7!

My absolutely favorite show is back! And my absolutely favorite dancer is back!

Love me some Mark!