Better Off Ted

I just barely started watching this show, actually I've only seen one episode but it was pretty darn funny!


Cake Boss

This is a very dangerous show for me to watch, it never fails to make me want a cupcake! The cakes this guy comes up with are seriously amazing! He can do anything. And it's always entertaining when stuff goes wrong and the boss gets angry.

It also makes me want to take cake decorating classes, wouldn't that be fun?



I was a little concerned when the movie first started because it was all in German with English subtitles, but then it switched to English. Thank God because you know I just HATE reading ;)

I did enjoy the movie, which is strange because I don't really like war or history movies. It wasn't action packed like I thought it would be but it was suspenseful, and of course the ending is sad but what movie about Hitler wouldn't be sad?


Revolutionary Road

The only reason I wanted to see this show was because it was Jack and Rose back together again! (Titanic, hello?)

It was just okay for me, a little on the slow boring side so it didn't keep my attention. Maybe if I wouldn't have been cooking while it was on in the other room I would have liked it more!

Sorry for such a sucky review, that's all I got. Guess I need to watch it again.


True Blood

So I've been reading Charlene Harris's vampire series and have been dying to watch the HBO series that was created from the books.

I think this is the first time ever that I like the movie/tv series better than the book! I wasn't sure I would like the girl who plays Sookie, the main character, but after watching the first few episodes I think she fits perfectly.

Y'all should watch it! And I say y'all cause they talk with an accent. My hubster was watching a little bit of it with me and said,

"Who would have thought of a hill billy vampire movie."

Hmm, who woulda thunk it!


The Hangover

Went to this movie with the hubs on Monday night. Yes it is hilarious and yes it is crude! There were some parts where I was laughing so hard, and other parts where I was like "Did he really just say that?"

The best part of the whole movie was at the end where they showed the pictures of what actually happened while they were in Vegas. Oh my god those pictures are so funny!

Gossip Girl

Ok, I didn't want to watch this show because the name just put me off. Gossip Girl? Come on, could we be a little more original please?

But I heard it was good so I gave it a try and I'm hooked! There is a website in the show called Gossip Girl where all the dirt is shared on a bunch of high school students in New York. Hence the name. It's like OC with all the rich high school students but 10 times better and less fake.


The Secret

I've read the book but wanted to check out the movie too. I borrowed it from the library and it was well worth the time I had to wait for it to come in. I love this book and watching the movie get's you inspired even more.

The secret has worked for me so many times! It will work for you too if you do it correctly! Try it!