My Sister's Keeper

The story is about a family who's daughter is diagnosed with cancer at an early age so the family decides to make a test tube baby who will be a perfect match for their sick child in order to use parts of her anatomy to save the sick child's life.

Yeah, I know.

How would it feel to just exist solely to be used for your "parts"? To know that you weren't really wanted in the first place. I like how the younger sister narrates the film and poses the question, "What if my sister never was sick? Would I even exist?"

It's definitely a film that makes you think. And, as you can imagine, it is a tear jerker!



Ugh, this movie was just dumb.

I actually didn't mind Borat, I thought it had some pretty funny parts so I had expected Bruno to be similar.

It wasn't. It was more disgusting then funny.

Don't waste your time people.


Four Christmases

Honestly I thought this movie was another chick flick with sappy life lessons learned and all that crap that. Well, it still had life lessons but learning those lessons was done in a hilarious way. It was surprisingly funny, even the hubster enjoyed it.

Maybe it's because I was expecting the worst and I was pleasantly surprised, or it could be because of the people I was watching it with, but I thought it was pretty entertaining.


Criminal Minds


Year One

I was expecting more funny but most of the funny was revealed in the promos. I did enjoy the biblical references, and all the guest appearances from other funny guys. Like McLovin!


Angels and Demons

To the directors,

I read the book so of course I had to watch the movie and yes, you totally screwed with the plot. Can't someone just stick to the book when they make it into a movie? Seriously, I know you have to shorten it a ton, but actually changing the plot is not acceptable.

You're fired.



Special affects were great, but the storyline was lacking.




Personal Effects

This show is about a guy (Ashton Kutcher) who's twin sister was murdered and how he is able to deal with the loss, the trial, and others involved. In a support group he meats a woman (Michelle Pfeiffer) who's husband was also murdered. They begin to spend time together and lean on each other for support.

I really liked this movie, especially because there were a few shocking moments. It may seem slow to some but I think it's slow on purpose to show that the characters are mourning their loved ones. The colors are muted with grayish, blueish tints which again set the mood perfectly.

So I recommend you see it, not necessarily to be entertained, but to be moved.


Gossip Girl Season 2 on DVD

Oh no she di'nt! It's so nice to have the Gossip Girl drama back in my life. This season EVERYONE is cheating on EVERYONE.

It's the best.


The Men Who Stare At Goats

This was such a disappointment! My husband and I had high expectations for this movie that weren't even close to being fulfilled. Such great actors waisted on such a boring, plotless film.

Come on, Kevin Spacey? George Clooney? Ewin McGregor? Jeff Bridges? I thought you all were smarter than that.

Especially you Mr. Spacey.


Ghosts of Girlfriends Past

I thought it was pretty stupid but I generally don't like chick flicks so I may be a little biased. The plot is similar to A Christmas Carol where Scrooge is visited by three ghosts but instead of Scrooge, it's Matthew McConaughhey and instead of ghosts its ex girlfriends.

So you already know the story line, plus it's chick flick so you already know how it is going to end. There, now you don't have to watch it.


A therapist living in Hollywood who's clientele are all famous stars struggles to come to terms with his wife's death. Using marijuana, booze and cigarettes to get by, one wonders how can he help others if he can't even help himself?

I did enjoy this dark drama, I love Kevin Spacey and his performance did not disappoint! It is a slow moving show with psychological meanings behind everything so this is not for those looking for action or a good time. It requires you to think and to feel and if you can do that, then you will enjoy the movie too.


Modern Family

I watched this show for the first time last night and I cracked up! The gay couple makes me laugh, oh how I love my gays! I've now got it set on my DVR, I can't wait to show Albert.



Spooky! Tori Spelling says so!


S. Darko: A Donnie Darko Tale

I don't even remember if I like Donnie Darko but I thought I'd try his little Sara out for a try. Meh. Maybe I just wasn't paying too much attention because I thought it was kinda boring. And just wierd.


Oh man, this is a horror comedy about two guys trying to survive the world that is now prevalent with zombies. Woody Harrelson is hilarious in this! I really enjoyed the show, it was so freakin funny! Yes, it was very gory, a little too gory for my taste but I got over it. It's suspenseful and surprising and gross and scary and fun and silly, I love it!

Go see it with a date, do not take your children! obviously.

(Oh and there is a surprise guest that totally makes the show!)



I heard that Fargo was very similar to "Burn After Reading", and since I loved that show, I had to check out Fargo. It's based on a true story that happened back in the 80's. It is a dark comedy about a kidnapping gone wrong and the pregnant cop who investigates the case.

Oh. my. gosh. it is hilarious!

It's a lot darker than "Burn After Reading" but even funnier! Is that a word? I loved it!


Law Abiding Citizen

It's about a man who's wife and daughter are murdered and the killer was put on trial but a plea bargain sets him free so this man decides to take the law into his own hands.

It's one of those shows where you're not quite sure who is the good guy and who is the bad guy. It's a really good show with a smart plot and plenty of shocking moments, including one that made me pee a little. I loved it, however the ending was a touch on the cheesy side, but that's just me, my husband didn't think so.


Grey's Anatomy - Season 6

Spoiler Alert!

007 dies and Izzy doesn't? I thought for sure Izzy was going to be killed off the show. I used to like her a lot but she's kinda buggin me without George there. I miss George and his quirkiness. We'll see how the rest of the season pans out.


Rescue Me - Season Two

I am in love with this show. I'm hooked, I've got all the seasons waiting in my Blockbuster queue.

Read about it here.


Dexter - Season 3

What's not to love about an intelligent, handsome & charming serial killer? The hubster and I love this show!

Michael C. Hall is just an amazing actor, I loved him in 6 Feet Under and I love him even more in Dexter. Jennifer Carpenter, who plays Dexter's sister on the show, is not my fav. And it totally bugs me that they are married in real life. He could do so much better!

Yeah, I think blondes are more his type. Freakishly tall blondes.


Desperate Housewives Season 6

Susan and Mike are back together!!! Yay!!! Love this show, who doesn't love a neighborhood full of back stabbers? And guess who is the newest housewife this season:

The beautiful Angie Bolen from the Sopranos!


The Soup

Because it's so much fun making fun of people.


The Informant

Saw this on Friday with Kev and Andrea. We went to the 10:10 pm show so I was already a little tired when we started watching it, but about halfway through I started falling asleep.

It is a very slow moving show! It would probably be better to see this show at an earlier time. I though it was okay, I guess I was expecting something different because the reviews said it was really funny. There were definitely funny parts, but not like laugh out loud funny.

But I do agree with the reviews in that Matt Damon was amazing!


Sons Of Anarchy

This is my husband's favorite show on TV right now, so of course I am forced to watch it. It's basically like The Sopranos except instead of a mob, this show is about a motorcycle gang. The hubster loves anything to do with motorcycles!

It's actually not too bad other than it is pretty intense. I can't believe they can get away with some things that they show, even on cable!


Crank 2 High Voltage

I have nothing to say other than that this was the worst. movie. ever.


You don't want to see it, trust me.


So You Think You Can Dance Season 6

I am so happy it's back already! SYTYCD two times in the same year? Can it get any better than that?

I don't think so. Life is good.


While She Was Out

This was a horrible movie, seriously a waste of my time. It's about a suburban housewife who heads out to the mall on Christmas Eve for some last minute shopping. Circumstances change and she is chased into the woods by a group of guys after she witnessed a murder.

The whole show is her in the woods being chased by these guys. The. whole. show.


America's Next Top Model Cycle 13

Yay! The skinny bitches are back! Only this time they are all under 5'7", of course they're skinny AND petite, could I be anymore jealous?

I love chick drama!



I really like this show! I was a little worried that it would be cheesy but they did a good job incorporating the singing in with the drama so it's not so "High School Musical"!

Has anyone else been watching?


Rescue Me - Season One

Oh my gosh I think I just found a new favorite show. I was at blockbuster the other day trying to find a decent movie and nothing caught my eye so I wondered over to the TV section and looky here what I found?

It's about the firemen in New York that were affected by 9-11 and how they have survived the after math. The main character lost his best friend on 9-11 but still sees his friend's ghost, among others. I know it sounds weird but it works.

Check it out!


Sunshine Cleaning

This movie is about a woman who has a maid service business but decides that where the real money lies is to clean up after dead bodies. So she starts cleaning up after crime scenes with her sister. I really liked it! It sounds weird I know, but it's actually really charming and funny.

I loved it!


Project Runway Season 6

I love Project Runway! I hope this season is as good as all the others. I'm not sure if it's a good thing or a bad thing that they moved from Bravo to the Lifetime network, but the show is still the same so I don't care!

Any other Project Runway fans out there? Maybe we'll get another Santino this season eh?

One can only hope! (Or pray)


Inglorious Basterds

I really liked this movie! Brad Pitt was hilarious. Of course I don't think the show is considered a comedy but it had a lot of funny parts. I love how Quentin Tarantino incorporates the flash backs when introducing characters. It was very well directed and even if you aren't a fan of Quenton's work, you will like this anyway.

It's just shocking and funny and witty and charming in a way. I loved it. I'd definitely see it again.

Take that Hitler!



Guys. Seriously, this movie sucks. It's just another stalker movie where you know what's gonna happen before it happens. Ali Larter's character is completely unbelievable.

Don't waist your time.



I wanted to see this movie because Dakota Fanning is in it. It's so weird to watch her grow up and have these adult roles! The movie however wasn't that great.

The Plot: The world is full of people with special super natural powers. There is an organization called The Division, that is trying to find these people so that they can create a huge army of super natural beings. So the movie is basically the day to day fight between the Division and these super naturals.

I think it was pretty confusing, there was way to much crap going. Plus there were these annoying Screamers who's power was to scream really loud to destroy things. Talk about annoying!

So I wouldn't recommend this to anyone unless you want to waist 2 hours of your life.


The Goods

This movie is about a Car Salesman who hires this group of "Car Movers" to come and help them sell out their car lot.

Yes, it's about as interesting as it sounds. It was a pretty stupid movie and a waste of time. There were maybe 2 funny parts in which Will Ferrell made a guest appearance but that's all.



District 9

This show was ca-razy! It starts out like a documentary of how this huge alien ship broke down and got stuck on earth 20 years ago. So the humans sort of quarantined these ugly aliens into their own area called district 9. Since the aliens had been on Earth for 20 years, the humans were used to the idea so in the movie, it was just normal to have the yucky things wandering around!

It took a while to get used to the look of the aliens because they were so gross looking but I found myself rooting for these guys by the end of the movie and felt sorry for them!

This movie isn't for everybody, in fact the theatre we went to was full of teenage geeky boys that kept yelling "That. Was. Awesome!" every time someone got blown up. So that was annoying, and it didn't help that the theatre smelled like BO!

It's very gory so I would definitely not let any child see this show! If you do go see it, you must go with an open mind to enjoy it.


17 Again

It's a good thing Zac Efron really isn't in High School or else I'd be in trouble. He is so cute and funny in this movie! I was surprised by how funny the movie turned out to be, I thought it'd be one of those cheesy everyone learns a lesson movies. And well, even though everyone learned a lesson, it was not cheesy.

My favorite line is when Zac Efron (Who is playing a 40 year old inside his 17 year old self) goes back to high school and when he walks into gym class he says:

"Wow! We are all in such good shape!"

Efron seriously did an awesome job at this role. I didn't fall in love with him in High School Musical but I did in this one.



Tori & Dean Inn Love

Told ya I'm obsessed with Tori Spelling. I am now renting their first reality show Tori & Dean Inn Love. She is hilarious people, how can you NOT love her?


The Proposal

Now I'm not a fan of chick flicks, in fact I usually hate chick flicks, but this one was funny. Yes, it ended just like every other chick flick and yes I knew the plot before I even watched it, but I have to admit it was entertaining!


So You Think You Can Dance Season 5 Finale!


Oh my gosh I'm in love with this show! I want to marry it and have little dancing SYTYCD babies! Or at least hump it.

The finale was awesome! I was so happy Janine won, I was rooting for her! Seriously when she dances I can't keep my eyes off of here! Kaiyla is my second favorite and I think she was robbed! Evan should have been fourth, we all know it's true.

Kaiyla is just amazing, I mean check out the picture below! Look at those feet, I would die to have those arches! She should be a ballerina, she'd be awesome in toe shoes!

(No I am not overdoing it with exclamation marks, SYTYCD deserves every single one!)

My two favorite choreographers, Sonya Tayeh & Mia Michaels. These women are amazing. Does anyone else think that when Sonya was on the judging panel during the auditions that watching the dancers was giving her orgasms? I'm serious, did you see her? Yep, she was. Not that I blame her, I'm just jealous.