The Bank Job

Stupid....I fell asleep.

Pushing Daisies

Too bad, I hear this show is going to be cancelled :o(


Birds of America



Private Practice

Spin off from Grey's Anatomy...sooooo good! Lil sis likes it better than Grey's but I draw the line right there. Nothing can top Grey's.


One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest

A young Jack Nicholson, a young Danny DeVito, and a young Christopher Lloyd (Back to the Future-doc)

About a whole bunch of crazy people in a mental hospital, sometimes funny, sometimes wierd, and sometimes a little frightening.


007 Quantum of Solace

I thought the movie was pretty good. Very action packed like the first one. But you might want to take your Dramamine with you!


The Strangers

My Hubster hated this movie, but he hates all scary movies. I thought this movie was freaky! It totally had me at the edge of my seat and in my hubster's lap after jumping in horrific surprise.

But that's just me.


Beverly Hills 90210

That's right, Old School 90210. With the new 90210 that came out I wanted to watch the old one because I totally forgot everything about it. I tell you the clothes they wear on that show are hillarious! Season one baby yeah!


So Notorious


30 Rock


Jon & Kate Plus 8

The Office

Samantha Who?

So You Think You Can Dance Concert


The House Of Yes

Prison Break

Pride & Predjudice

Grey's Anatomy

Desperate Housewives


America's Next Top Model

Burn After Reading

You either love it or hate it.

I love it!

Project Runway