The hubster and I both loved this movie. It's kind of like a disturbing Robin Hood film. It takes place during the Holocaust and is based on true events of a few brothers who help other Jews find safety.



Starring Dakota Fanning (love her!) this movie is about a young girl living in the slums with a dead beat dad. She is in love with Elvis and will do anything to get a ticket to his concert. The events that unfold are shocking and saddening as she continues to make the most out of her poor life.


X Weighted

Debbie from Daisy Halos introduced me to this show and now I've got it set on my DVR. It's a weight loss show that features a new person each episode and tells of their struggle to lose weight and to change their lives.

Very inspiring!


Public Enemies

Alex and I saw this Monday night, the best night to watch an R rated movie because you know nobody is having family night there. I loved this movie! Lots of action for the guys and plenty of Johnny goodness for the girls!

Why, in an almost empty theatre, do people have to come sit RIGHT NEXT TO ME? Stepping on my purse in the process?


Tori & Dean - Home Sweet Hollywood

I love Tori, after reading her book sTori Telling I think I want to be her.


Wife Swap

Come on, what's NOT entertaining about husband switching wives and children switching moms? Especially because they pair up the absolute opposite families they can find!



My brother was telling me about this show and how funny it was so I decided to try it out. It is way funny! It's about this guy Chuck who received an email with all the government "secrets" that were permanently embedded in his brain. So the CIA now uses him with their endeavors. The CIA agent is a girl, Sara, who is posing as Chuck's girlfriend.

A little confusing I know, but just watch it, it really does make sense!


High School Musical

Yep, I finally succumbed and watched High School Musical.

What's the big deal? It was the cheesiest thing I've ever seen.