Heroes Season 2 on DVD


The Secret Life of Bees

This is the best book to film adaptation I've ever seen. Maybe it's because I read the book a while ago so it wasn't fresh in my mind, but the movie definately delivered.

I actually think it made a better movie then book. When I read the book I remember thinking that some parts just dragged on and on so the movie squished everything together which made it better in my opinion.

Plus it has all our favorite girls! Dakota Fanning, Queen Latifa, Alicia Keyes, and Jennifer Hudson!



I thought this show was so good! I didn't know what to expect but it definitely kept my attention. Alex was enthralled too and that takes a lot! It's not a happy movie, but I recommend you go see it!


The International

Saw this with Big Al on V-day, I know we are a very romantic couple! Overall it was pretty good. It was very slow at the beginning but then there is this action scene that totally makes up for it! Wow, it's crazy. But the end didn't really satisfy because nothing ever got resolved.


Confesssions of a Shopaholic

Worst. Movie. Ever.

Seriously, I went with Talicia and Andrea and they bout died too. Actually at one point Andrea leaned over to me and said that she wanted to die right there.

Talking mannequins? Seriously? Come on! Now I'm not a fan of chick flicks at all, but this wasn't even cute and, according to Talicia, the fashion Goddess, the fashion was not good either.

Blah! Don't waist your time.


Heroes Season 1



The Iron Chef

Alex is obsessed with this show and watches it everynight. It's not the American version, it's the Japan version with those annoying english voice overs! I just can't get into it, I'd rather watch American Idol.


The Tudors

Pronouced The Tu-ders. Albert and I have just started watching this show, it's not too bad, if you like a lot of sex, killing, Dad's pimping their daughters out, Unfaithfulness, and sex. LOL!

Apparently it's a true story, ya know another piece of history that I had no idea existed? The stuff Al knows all about?

That sorta thing.


Seinfeld Reruns

Who doesn't love a little Seinfeld?



Bert and I thought this movie was pretty good. I thought the beginning was pretty slow, but now I understand they had to give a lot of history to make the rest of the movie believable and in the end the parts I thought were unnecessary at the beginning all tied together.

So go see and let me know what ya think!


The Superbowl

Okay Al watched the Superbowl while I slept through it.